What Can Avant Do For You?


1.  Visibility and Marketing

You have a look or a talent, but if no one can find you – you are stuck or hidden from a client  base that will pay for your services. Avant Agency is an established business that is over twenty years working in the entertainment business.  We have built a positive and successful reputation with clients over the years,  providing reliable and professional talent for our diverse client’s needs. We provide you, our talent,  the advantage of  exposure to our resources, knowledge, and clients.

Part of being “booked” for that great next gig, is not only having a great look or talent; it is also knowing how to market yourself in a way that will attract and keep attention focused on you, and set you apart from competition that may be vying for the same job.  Avant Agency excels in guiding you through this process, and we believe in taking advantage of all available technology to showcase you – placing you ahead of the pack in this competitive marketplace. When Avant Agency offers to sign you into our family of talent,  it is our job to make sure you are skilled and professional, as well as, “packaged properly”  to capture the attention you deserve!

2. Advisor and Negotiator

If established and successful, super stars such as; Tom Cruise, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks,  and Julia Roberts, have agents representing them…..then, there must be a reason they choose to have them… and guess what, there is !!!  Talent have agents representing them because, it would be awkward and unprofessional, to negotiate with a client on their own behalf, on a project requiring their services as  a talent. ( it is a conflict of interest ).  A talent wants to accommodate the needs of a client, and yet , they do not want to be taken advantage of, at the same time.  This requires a intermediary that negotiates terms on your behalf.  Avant Agency provides you with this service. We insure you are protected and we negotiate your fees to reflect your experience and ability,  in executing your services as a talent.

Sometimes, your participation in a job opportunity, is not “all about the money”, but rather,  it is the experience or exposure to a client or project,  that will be a great addition to your resume or the building of your career.  Avant Agency will partner with you to weigh and consider, if you participation will be of benefit to you.  We will use our knowledge and experience to help in advising you to the best course of action, when opportunities come your way.

3. Always on the job for you

Everyone has very demanding lives filled with obligations and responsibilities that keep you busy and occupied.  We at Avant Agency serve you by making  sure you are not missing out on any opportunities that you are qualified for!  It is our job,  to monitor talent request breakdowns and  casting requests.  We are on the job for you on an everyday basis, calling clients on your behalf, and submitting you for any specifications that match your profile. Booking and submitting our talent is our daily priority.

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